Day II


Whats good y’all! Nothing but good topics and great discussions today at the Diversity in Aquatics virtual conference. Topics such as introducing/diversifying scuba diving to aquatic programming at HBCUs and the black community in rowing. Such amazing conversations and advice given. One thing I learned today is that there indeed are aquatic majors. I found this so fascinating because when I was in college and researching majors I did not come across any of them; and I’m not talking about Marine biology lol. However, getting this insight made me even more aware of the fact that majors like these are not apart of the majors we are taught about in the black community, if you even go to college to begin with. I think the awareness just isn’t there which is so sad because that definitely would have been something to peak my interest while I was college. Now full disclosure I didn’t go to an HBCU but I was able to relate and understand the message that was delivered.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrows discussions bring!


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