Wow! Whats good y’all! Nothing but amazing conversations during this convention and today was no different. I absolutely have to start of with the Wade in the Water: Drowning in Racism Documentary Panel Discussion. This Documentary was created by Cathleen Dean to explore the history of black people swimming and what black people did to have access to swimming pools and the right to swim particularly in Florida. Amongst these actions were the Wade-In protests. The goal of these protests were to protest against “white-only” beaches. So that black people could also go to the beach, so that they may enjoy the ocean and swim. I think that what Cathleen has for the documentary already is amazing and will definitely be waiting for when the project is completed. There were other incredible discussions but I just felt like I had to highlight this one.

Overall, this was my first year attending the Diversity in Aquatics Convention. The panels/discussions were filled with so many gems and knowledge, at times overwhelming but incredible to be a part of. I most definitely took away a lot from this experience. It just made me even happy and curious about so many things relating to the history of black in aquatics. So ready to fall further down the rabbit hole. I absolutely can’t wait for next years convention!


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