Whats good, y’all. Let me introduce myself, my name is Tazaria. I started swimming when I was a little girl and I have loved the water ever since. Other than swimming, I have experience scuba diving, lifeguarding, teaching swim lessons and coaching. As I get older, other sports in aquatics become more interesting to me. So, I spend my free time researching and expanding my knowledge base of these sports. It has definitely been a journey but it’s only the beginning.

The goal of this blog is to become a community resource for black swimmers of all levels and abilities. It is the only sport that can save your life. It is also one of the only sports that you can do throughout your entire life. Which is pretty amazing if you think about it. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of black people in swimming or aquatics as a whole due to many various reasons. We could talk about those reasons for a while. However, it would be negligent to not acknowledge the work that has been done in the space to make the sport more inclusive and that the number of black people swimming has increased.

All that being said, welcome to my blog!


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