Why is it so hard to find a lifeguard review course?


Whats good y’all. I am genuinely interested in why it is so hard to find a lifeguard review course when lifeguard classes are so easy to come by. At least when compared to looking for a review course. I know every lifeguard does not let their certification expire after the two years are up. So naturally one would assume that a review course would be easy to find since it is one of the programs that American Red Cross offers to their instructors to teach. I also know facilities and independent organizations are responsible for this and not the red cross. These organizations offer regular lifeguard classes that are intended for beginners looking to get into the profession. However, nine out of ten times if you already have experience as a lifeguard and your certification is up for renewal you’re taking the standard lifeguard course to re certify and these classes are two to five days long depending on who is offering the course.

At least that has been my experience in the past. I first became a lifeguard in 2014 and for the most part have always been certified through the red cross. Except for a brief period of time when one of my employers preferred Starguard certification. Each time my renewal period comes up, all class listings are for regular lifeguard classes. This year I got extremely lucky when I found a couple of places that were offering a lifeguard review class apart from regular lifeguard classes. I was able to find them online, which if you know, is really rare. Normally you would have to know someone who does the class or you would know someone who knows someone and hope that you can make it work to attend their class.

Moving forward, I think it would be great if more organizations offered the review course. As well as listing the courses online where it can be easy to find. I just think this would make it a lot easier for those of us who are already certified. Especially those who are certified and are actively working as a lifeguard.

What are your thoughts?


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