What’s good y’all! So, I’m trying something new. A long time ago I created a blog post about swim resources and references as they relate to the black community and aquatics (one day I’ll dedicate a tab on the website to this post but I don’t want to get ahead of myself). I’ve always been interested in movies and short films about black swimmers. But as you probably know there aren’t many. So when I come across these films, I’ll be doing opinion pieces on them. As well as adding them to the existing directory.

On March 30th, I attended a premiere for a short film at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center about an African American activist in Broward county. Her name: Eula Johnson. Titled “The film is about thirteen minutes long and is narrated by Eula herself, which is a very powerful feature of the film. It focuses on the period of her life when she was organizing wade ins at the Fort Lauderdale Beach in 1961 while she was the president of the Broward County chapter of the NAACP. The film was amazing hands down. Very informative, inspiring and relatable.

As of this moment, the film can only be watched at a premiere/viewing. In about two weeks, the film will be posted on Youtube for the world to enjoy. This film is definitely a must watch! Please support this artists’ work when the time comes.


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