Swahili: Tengefu

English: “separate”

Tengefu is a short film about conservation work on Wasini Island, Kenya. This conservation project falls under the Wasini Beach Management Unit. The film follows Abubakar, a co founder of the reef restoration project, around the tengefu (protected marine area) where they are restoring the coral reefs that have essentially died. In this particular area, fishermen are not allowed to fish. This is apart of the process to help rebuild the reefs, although not popular with all the fishermen on the island, has been successful thus far. So, Abubakar, the other conservationist and the community have seen an increase of marine life. With the increase of marine life due to the restoration of the reefs, this also makes the area a nice destination for tourist. The fees that tourist pay to swim, snorkel and etc. goes back to help keep the project going.

Coming across this short film was completely random but a really nice surprise! If you like films about conservation, the oceans, the environment, black divers, etc. you should definitely check it out. Unfortunately, the only place I am aware that has the film available is Waterbear; A Netflix like platform but focuses on documents/films about the planet.


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