The Reef Builders is a short film also about conservation work on Wasini Island, Kenya. This also ties in with the previous short film I wrote about last week; Tengefu. In The Reef Builders, we follow two businesswomen, Sanura and Nazo, who build cement balls that are placed on a man made reef inside the tengefu. The purpose of these balls are to act as part of the foundation of the coral reef. So when they finish making the balls, the divers then (which one is Abubakar) place them on the reef. After the balls are placed, the baby corals are ready to be rested on top. Over time, the corals will grow and attract fish to the area. With the increase of fish as well as the fishermen not fishing in the area has made this project successful. There are now more fish in the area and the coral reef continues to grow!


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