Whats good y’all! This weeks blog is going to be pretty short. I wanted to talk about collegiate swimming. Some schools are releasing their 2021 swim season schedule and others have decided to cancel their season. This comes with the continuation of Covid-19 and the fact that cases are going back up in some parts of the country. This also makes me wonder what effects this will have on young swimmers coming out of high school. Will their ability to join a team be limited to certain schools or will the recruitment process stay the same?

It also makes me wonder what will happen in the summer when bigger events are set to happen. For example, the Olympics were rescheduled for this year due to Covid-19; which makes sense. Do we think the Olympics will be rescheduled once again or is it too soon to tell?

I guess I just had some questions on my mind this week in terms of whats happening in the world around us and how that affects competitive swimming. Thanks for checking in!


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