What’s good y’all! Once again, I am genuinely interested in why it is so hard to find a Red Cross course. This time it’s the lifeguard instructor crossover/re-entry course that my territory representative mentioned to me. This course is offered as an option for lifeguard instructors who let their certification expire or for whatever reason they were not able to renew their certification. The course is supposedly an option that is good for a couple years after the expiration of the certificate. But it turns out there is such a low demand for the course that it’s basically impossible to find.

Lifeguard instructor review courses are hard to find but typically can be found. However, it seems like this is getting easier as some organizations are now listing class offerings on the American Red Cross website. I think that’s an awesome way to help retain instructors. I also think it can be a beneficial tool for new instructors and potential aquatic professionals because honestly who wants to hunt for a class.

A word of advice I would give is to keep your certifications up to date if you can. Even if you don’t plan on using them. Personally, I’m okay with retaking the entire LGI (lifeguard) course again because it has been a really long time since I originally took the course and I haven’t taught/co-taught a class in a long time. I was going to during the pandemic but the class ended up being cancelled. So, I didn’t meet my requirements to take the review course anyway.

What are your thoughts?


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